WHERE ? : Clinic Natturra, 171 Lutz St à Moncton
WHEN ? : every 6 weeks, the first session held on
November 24th 2018
WHO ? : children from 0 to 18 years-old
WHICH DISABILITIES ? : Physical and/or mental (trisomy, autism, paralysis, IMC, orphan disease…)
To book an appointment or for more information, contact us via the Facebook page OSTEOPATHIE MONCTON OSTEOPATHY
Osteopaths aim to optimise the mobility of the body by adjusting physical problems that can arise from a disability (certain zones can become overly solicitated to compensate for the ones directly affected), mechanical tensions due to prolonged postures (these can
bring relief to the patient but can be hard on the joints), or following falls and trauma. Osteopaths act at various levels, namely to bring the autonomic nervous system into balance. This can help with sleep cycles, digestion and transit, and alleviating stress and
agitation. By optimising the body’s general balance, we aim to reduce internal sources of stress that may hinder the patient’s ability to interact with his or her environment.
Examples of handicap-specific treatments:
• Sleep issues
• Digestive issues: swallowing, dysphagia, reflux, transit, abdominal pain, constipation
• Articular and musculoskeletal pain
• Mouth-related issues: chewing, bruxism, phonation, mouth breathing, hyperactive nauseous reflex, laryngeal and tracheal tensions
• Urinary issues
• Postural issues
• Respiratory issues: asthma, allergies, spasmodic cough
In order to offer reassuring sensations, as well as a shorter than usual session, the patient will be treated by more than one osteopath simultaneously. This will also be a moment for parents, support workers, children and professionals to exchange.