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AONB is a member of the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths

Founded in 2003, the CFO is the official national association for Osteopaths. Its membership base consists of established provincial associations. 

Individual osteopathic practitioners are not members in the CFO, their voice and interests are represented by the respective provincial body.

Our Mission

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Our Mission

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Unite osteopaths who have graduated from different schools and who want to practice their art in the province of New Brunswick.

Provide the public and patients with a reference framework. Protect the public and patients against the possibility of fraud or abuse.

Represent osteopaths with insurance companies.

Provide information about continuing education.

Promote the quality, ethics, and dignity of osteopathy while respecting medical law.

Encourage, help, stimulate, and inform all osteopathic practitioners to help them acquire what is essential to ethical practice.

Create relationships with various professional and inter-professional associations on a provincial, national, or international level.