Become A Member

General information

The OAO is the only provincial member of the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths (CFO). CFO is also a partner of the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA). Our mission is to encourage systems of education and regulation that will ensure high standards for safe and effective health care from osteopaths New Brunswick.

Professionals who practice the art and ethics of osteopathy and who have had complete education allowing them to take responsibility for the overall care of a patient’s health can request to become a member of the AONB.

The AONB requires the applicant to meet or exceed the benchmark guidelines for osteopathy education as outlined by the World Health Organization, “Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy”. For example, a minimum of 4200 hours with at least 1000 hours supervised clinical training for students with no prior training in healthcare. The New Brunswick Association of Osteopaths considers membership applications from those who have graduated from the list of recognized institutions shared by all members of the CFO (see Applicant Form for the list of recognized institutions).

Registration process

Please make sure to fill out the application form found on this website. We will not process any other type of applications. In addition, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of diploma (note that the AONB reserves the right to see the original diploma)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate, passports, permanent resident card, work permits visa
  • Photocopy of professional liability insurance policy
  • Complete Proceeding History Form (police records check) and Vulnerable Sector Check

The application fees are $50, to be paid by check or e-transfer to the AONB.

Member’s obligations

The AONB assures that all new and existent members are in good standing with the requirements of the association. Every member must submit the AONB:

  • Membership fees (550$) due no later then October 31st of each year (members will be charged 150$ penalty fees for late membership)
  • Proof of renewal of professional coverage (every year)
  • Complete Proceeding History Form (police records check) every 5 year
  • Certificates of continuous education (50 credits every 2 years)
  • Emergency First Aid + CPR Level C with AED 

Any member that fails to provide these to the AONB will be at risk of loosing their membership with the association.